Alta Vista Manor - Luxurious Residential Elderly Care Facility.
Staff & Qualification

      Our staff  is among the  best  care providers  in the industry.   It is our pleasure to put our extensive experience to work for you.

          We have been providing care to seniors for more than 20 years and we  understand  the particular needs of  elderly people.

        We are committed to the care of seniors. We understand
the many challenges  they face, and we are qualified to meet
those challenges with our professional  ability, integrity  and 

    We   work  closely  with family members to provide the peace of  mind  and  confidence  in  the  quality  of  care we provide their loved ones.

    Our team encompasses many levels  of care to   serve the needs  of  our  residents.   Alta  Vista  Manor  is   staffed  by certified caregivers.   Our caregivers are thoroughly screened through the State of California and  are trained in all areas of residential care including  first aid. We  require all caregivers to   attend  continuing  education  every   year  and  we  also require they have regular health  screenings.

      Our staff  is highly  qualified and trained in geriatric care requirements and  in assisting each  resident with  the tasks of daily living.    Emphasis is placed on showing compassion, understanding, respect and  dignity while  providing  of  the care that every resident deserves.

     Carefully selected and trained staff offer services such as companionship, safety supervision, assistance with  personal care, errands, walking, chores and other daily living activities

      Our staff, at all  levels are  encouraged  and expected to use  their  minds  and to constantly look for ways to improve both their own learning and  their care giver skills.

      Our manager  has  over  15 years  experience in working with elderly people  and managing residential care  facilities.

      In addition to  our certified caregivers,  Alta Vista Manor  is monitored  daily by Anna Wilson , owner. She  has a nursing   background of 28 years and she is a Licensed Administrator.     

      Facilitie  operations   undergo many hours of State required    education,  training,   background   and    medical checks.
       Anna  Wilson  is working on a one on one basis with our residents to ensure all needs are being met.
       Furthermore,  Anna   Wilson  is  skilled  in  patient  care and  she  is assessing  the  resident’s  conditions  on a  daily basis  by  monitoring  food and drug intake, weight gain/loss general physical condition and so on.

     The care  that we  are  providing to  our  the residents is not  limited  to  the  traditional  assisting  care  done by  the task of daily living.

       By running  a residential  care facilities for more than 20 years  we  have  developed  our own  of  care style   base on preventive care system.
       Anna  Wilson with a  nurse background   experience,has developed  her  own  care  system  base on preventing care  approach    Over the years in  providing care  to  the  elderly peoples,  Anna Wilson  has  developed  skills of  recognizing  certain illness from the early symptoms.  .
     Furthermore, Anna Wilson  skilled  in  patient  care,  she  is  monitoring  food  and  drug  intake, weight gain/loss  and general  physical   condition  and  assessing   the  resident’s conditions   on a daily basis.
      Every  morning  each resident  is  completely  examined  to  discover  the  early  symptoms  of  any disease,  in order treat  the  disease  in   timely  manor  and   to  prevent  the  complications  resulted by a late  diagnostic of the diseases.

      Anna Wilson over the years  working in elderly business,  got  the  skill in  monitoring  of  the  health  problems of the residents and especially to  identify the  by early  symptoms of early stages of  different  diseases  that can  jeopardized  the life of the residents.

      Anna Wilson over the years has  developed an excellent  doctors  team, that  are  on  call  24 hours. Together,   Anna Wilson  has  manage  to   prevent   the  bad   consequences caused  by  the late diagnoses of the diseases

     Anna Wilson, over  time, got a very good  communication skill  with  the  doctors  team,  he   can  describe  the   early symptoms of diseases in order the doctor to understand  the situation and to take quick action  and   measures  to    cure the illness  in early stages  to  prevent further complications.

     Some times certain diseases need  many  days to get the laboratory test results in order th be identified. If there is no any  early diagnosing of  the  disease, the  resident  can  die before even  starting  any treatment.

    Furthermore, Anna Wilson being very familiar and knowing all the medications, with their  side effects, can monitor with doctor assistance the medication treatment and to report the early symptoms  of any side effects of the medications.

      Anna Wilson  are  in charge  with  the health, safety and well-being  of  each  and   every  resident.    Her    hands-on approach  ensures   the   hiring  of  the  most  highly  skilled professionals  in  the  industry.
      Furthermore, her daily   communications with  caregivers, pharmacists, visiting nurses,  hospice nurses  and  physicians ensures all residents are being properly cared for.
     We  use  collaborative  techniques to identify appropriate and realistic health and well-being goals.

     Together  with  our staff , as a family, we  are working to identify the small steps that will build our strengths, identify our roadblocks, and explore the possibilities for growing skills to ensure success  in your decision  to become  more  physically agile and  fit  by  providing  the  best care  is  possible forour residents.
     We are  striving  to find  and  design   solutions  that  ensure clients  will overcome inertia, trigger their own  motivation, harness  their  self-accountability, and take small, gradual steps  that  lead  them to  reaching  their own physical wellness visions.

     And lastly, John and  Anna Wilson  desire  is, to maintain an  enjoyable  stress-free  work  place  that  leads  to   more productive  environment and  ensure that the  residents  are  the top priority  and  receive the best care.

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