Alta Vista Manor - Luxurious Residential Elderly Care Facility.
About Us

                       We have  been providing care to  seniors  for more than 25 years  and  we  understand the  particular needs of elder care.

          Alta Vista Manor is   a    family    run facility  owned    and administrated by John Wilson. 
         John Wilson, owner and administrator of the facility,  has a nursing an engineering background.
       Anna Wilson,  is  substitute  administrator for  the facility, has a nursing  background for over 28 years.
  We are on the facility site every day and we are directly   involved in the every  day  operation.
        We  have   found out  in  more  28  years  experience in this   business  that  the best continuous high quality care can be provided  the owner  run   facility where  the  owner is directly  involved  in  the daily operation.
         As the owners of directly  involved owner operated   facility  we  have  a  better  and   stronger    motivation  in  providing  the  best care  to  our  residents.
       We have owned and operated 6 facilities, at one time and  we have decided to keep  and focus on only  one facility, the best facility in order to be able to provide the best care that is possible.
       We have designed and built over five  facilities  in  over 28 years.   We  understand and  know  perhaps  better  than any  one  the   elderly  care   business,  starting    from  the  design,  the construction,  the  operation  and the managing of an  elderly care facility

       We know  all  the  requirements  and  the  key elements necessary  for the buildings    to meet to  serve  the best for the senior care  as:
- one level building, with no  ramps, no  stairs, no  elevators, day  light  hall  way, day  light  private  bathroom  with windows,  with   roll  in   walking   showers, private patio  at ground level, walk  in  closets  and  so on...,
       Alta  Vista Manor Facility has all these  key feature that make  it one of  the  top of  the line  facilities, in the elderly care business.
       The care  that we   provide to  our   residents is not  limited  to  the  traditional  assisted  care  done  by the task of daily living.
        By  running   residential  care facilities  for more than 28 years  we  have  developed  our own  style of  care  based on preventive car.
        John  Wilson with a 28 years  nursing  background,    has developed   her  own   care   system   base  on " preventive  approach  care".    Over the years in  providing care  to  the  elderly   people,   John   Wilson  has  developed the   skill  of  recognizing  certain  illnesses  from  the   earliest stages.
        John Wilson over the years working in the elderly care business has the monitoring  skill  of the  health  problems of the residents and especially to  identify the   early  symptoms and stages  of  different  diseases  that  can  jeopardize  the life of the resident.
       We are committed to the care of seniors. We understand the many challenges  they face, and we are qualified to meet those  challenges with  our  professional ability, integrity and compassion. 
       We are  also sympathetic  with  the family members who are struggling to meet the needs of elderly parents  and their loved ones.
       We understand that is difficult to assume responsibilities for  those  who  once cared so lovingly for you, and who now  make difficult demands on your time and attention.
       We  work closely with family members to provide  peace  of  mind  and  confidence  in  the  quality  of  care we provide their loved ones. 
       We are  experienced, dedicated  and highly qualified. You  may  have every confidence in our commitment expertise and  service.
       Alta Vista  Manor   is based on the belief  that  our customers'  needs  are  of  the  most importance. Our  entire team is  committed  to meeting  those  needs. As a result, a high  percentage of our  business  is  from repeat  customers and referrals.
       We welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the industry.