Alta Vista Manor - Luxurious Residential Elderly Care Facility.

Facility Exterior Presentation

       Alta Vista Manor   is ideally  nestled   in   a magnificent  setting,  in   the   nicest,  loveliest  neighborhood of   Vista   (Alta  Vista  Subdivision).  It is a state-of-the-art   luxurious  facility,  with   tropical   plants, trees, waterfalls,  manicured lawns  and  gardens,  surrounded  by  over  50   palms  trees.

      This  is a charming  luxurious  15 bed  one  level facility, that   enjoys  over   one   acre   of   spacious   level  ground  custom   specially  designed lush  green  garden filled with scent of beautiful fresh flowers and beautiful views.

        Alta Vista Manor prides  ourselves  in   setting  an   industry-leading standard in  our state-of-the-art designer  home and  to offer an   unparalleled    blend    of   understated   elegance   and personalized  service,  to  give maintenance   and  a worry-free resort  lifestyle for each  resident.

      Alta Vista Manor is an owner  run facility.  We  are on  the  site,  daily  and   we  are  directly  involved  in every day operations of the Facility.

     We have found  out, in over 29 years  of running this kind of  business that the best  continuous high quality  care can  be  provided better in  the  owner  run  facility where  the owner  is  directly involved in the daily operation.

     The owner  of  this  type of owner operated  facility  has    stronger  motivation   to   provide    better  care  to the residents. 

     Alta Vista Manor is one level  custom built  state of the art  facility

                                                                                                                                                                          This   facility   was   specially  designed  and  built  to  meet  the  highest  quality requirements and to meet   the  best the key elements of  the  residential care  industry.

        In  our  over 34  years experience  in designing and  running  residential  care  facilities, we  have found   that  only  a single  level  facilities  design  can  provide  the best  care  environment for the residents

In the front of  the  facility a large circular driveway  gives access   to    many   parking  places

The   Facility can   be accessed  through  a magnificent  gated  arch, that  leads  to a  front   courtyard garden of flowers, of  tropical  plants  and  roses, filled  with the scents of beautiful fresh   flowers   and  the harmonious sounds of    by  two   water    fountains surrounded by  benches and patio tables.




        We  have designed  and  built  more  than  5  facilities   in  over 29 years. We understand and know  perhaps  better  than  anyone  the   elderly  care   business,  starting    from  the   design,  the  construction,   the  operation   and    the managing  elderly  care  facility.

     We  know  all  the  requirements  and the key elements necessary  to  the buildings   that have to meet to  serve  at the best for the seniors care  as:
- one  level  building, with  no ramps, no stairs, no elevators, with  day light  hall  ways, day  light  private  bathroom  with windows,  with  roll   in  walking  showers,  private  patio  at ground  level, walking  closets  and  so on...,

        Alta  Vista Manor Facility has all these  key    features   that makes to  be one of  the  top of  the  line  facility,  in    elderly care business , a  such  special   place  to live



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