Alta Vista Manor - Luxurious Residential Elderly Care Facility.

Facility Interior Presentation

          The  entrance  in  to facility impresses by a wonderful decoration  design,  conferred   by  wonderful  paintings  and furniture,  and  is enhanced   by  an  impressive  8  Ft.  tall  interior water  fountain  that  reflects  itself  in a huge 8  Ft.  dramatic golden framed mirror.

        A wonderful big golden Freedom Angel is raising from the high top of the water fountain having the feet of earth and holding up a lighted glob that is changing  colors continuously.

         We have designed and  built 5 facilities in more than  32 years we have been in this business.  
       We  understand and  know  perhaps  better  than any  one  the   elderly  care   businesses,  starting    from  the  design,  the construction,  the  operation  and the managing of an  elderly care facility

        Functionality is  a  major part of any building that is designed to  meet  the  needs  of  the  elderly   or physically  disabled 

         Alta Vista Manor  is  built  to meet  or exceed  all code for a safe requirements and for comfortable facility


            Alta Vista Manor  has been special designed to meet all the requirements and the key elements necessary that  the building  has to meet for  the best senior care  as:
- one level building, with no ramps, no stairs, no elevators,  day light hall way, day light private  bathroom with windows, with roll in walk in  showers, private patio at ground level, walking closets and so on

      Alta  Vista Manor  has all these  key features that make it   one of  the  top of  the line  facilities, in the elderly care business and  a  such  special  place to live

         The  Alta  Vista  Manor  is nestled in a  charming, exclusive, and very  private residential neighborhood  setting,  known as  Alta Vista, with  tropical plants,  trees, waterfalls, manicured lawns and gardens.

         A wonderful big golden Freedom Angel is raising from the high top of the water fountain having the feet of earth and holding up a lighted glob that is changing  colors continuously.


Each  bedroom  has  French  Doors  have the opening  to a  private  ground  level  patio  designed  to   give  a sense  of  privacy  as well  the comfort to  enjoy the  beautiful weather,  the  cool ocean   breeze,  the   spectacular  view  of   gorgeous sunrises, and  sunsets  of sunny  weather  as well as the sunny and warm weather   of   Southern California.

All   of   the   resident's bedrooms are  ground   level and are built  for comfort and safety,  whether  for a totally ambulatory  resident  or  one needing wheelchair or walker 
      Each  bedroom  has  its own private  bathroom  with shower and and huge walking closets.

 The  entrance  in  to facility impresses by a magnificent  huge wonderful mosaic of 9 Ft diameter floor.      


Activity  Room with 2 Tiffany Chandeliers with fans

Alta  Vista Manor   Facility has all these  key  feature that    makes  to  be one of  the  top  of  the line  facility, in elderly  care  business  and  a  such   special  place.    

         The dining  area   has  a special   Family  feeling by  accommodating the residents  at  one  table  in order  to make   all   the   residents  feel   as   if  they  are   one  big  family.

          The Dining area has a huge 5 tiers chandelier of 7 Ft. diameter with over 4,000 hanging crystals.

Each room state of art  walking shower with very expensive porcelain Italian  tiles with Bellagio shower curtains.
-all toilets are push flashing button to make easier for the residents.
-each bathroom  have very expensive solid  wood  vanity with marble sink top.
-each bathroom has touch on/off lighted 4"x 3" mirror, plus led top mirror light.


Each room has a fancy swing double vinyl French doors, that open both doors at once towards,  as  a very nice resort style

          Each room has a swing  double opening French doors  that opens towards  a private patio, built by vinyl white  lattice covered, with fancy raisin cushioned patio furniture, 5 star resort style,   in order the residents to enjoy more relaxing moments by increasing your outdoor living space with ventilating open lattice shade and airflow.       
        The elegant open lattice design reduces direct exposure to harmful UV rays by over 50 percent while venting away the uncomfortable heated air caught under solid panel covers.
        The open lattice slat design provides essential health benefits from maximizing natural fresh air while minimizing exposure to harmful UV rays.