Alta Vista Manor - Luxurious Residential Elderly Care Facility.
 Medication & Health Care

        Alta Vista Manor  has specific  policies  regarding  the  storage  of    medications,  special training  in the   administration of medications and   supervision   of medications  and   also supervision of staff  and record  keeping  of  the  medication  administration.
      By running  a  residential  care  facility  for more  than  28 years  we  have  developed  our  own  of   style  of care  based on a preventive care system.
      The care  that we  provide to our the residents is not limited to the traditional assisted care or by  the task of daily living.

      John  Wilson assisted by Anna Wilson with  nursing   background  and  experience, has  developed  his own  personal care  system  based on  the preventive care  approach.   Over the years providing care  to  the  elderly,  John Wilson  has  developed  the  skills  of  recognizing  certain  illnesses  by  the early symptoms.
      Furthermore, John  Wilson  is skilled  in  patient care,  and  is  monitoring  the food and drug  intake, the weight gain/loss  and general  physical   condition  by  assessing   the  resident’s condition   on a daily basis.
      In  the   mornings  each resident  is  completely examined,  to  discover  the  early symptoms of any  ;possible signs of diseases, to notify the doctors, be able  the diseases to be treated  in a timely  manor  and  to  prevent the complications  resulted  by a late diagnosis  of  diseases.

      John  Wilson  over  the  years  of  working  in  the  elderly care  business,  has  attained  the  skill  in  monitoring    the  health  problems  of  the residents  and  especially to  identify the   early  symptoms of the  stages of different  diseases  that  can  jeopardize  the life of the residents.
      John Wilson has over the years   developed an excellent  team of doctors  , that  are  on  call  24 hours. Together,  the Doctors and Anna Wilson  have managed  to   prevent   the  bad   consequences caused  by  the late diagnoses of the diseases

      John  Wilson assisted by Anna Wilson  over  time,  has developed  a  good   communication  skill  with  the  doctors,   she   can  describe  the  early symptoms of diseases in order for the doctor to understand  the situation and  to take quick  action  and   measures  to  cure  the  illness  in  the  early stages  to  prevent  further complications.

     Further, John  Wilson assisted by Anna Wilson being very familiar with and knowing  the medications, with their side effects, can monitor with the doctors assistance the medication treatment and to report the early  symptoms   of  any  side  effects  of  the  medication.

     The  doctors  assisted  by John Wilson and  Anna Wilson  nurse  skill, work together  in  changing  the  medications in  order to  find   the   right   medications  that  don't   have   side  effects   or   don't   interact   with    the  other   residents' medications.