Alta Vista Manor - Luxurious Residential Elderly Care Facility.
Our Goal
     Our goal is  to provide a vibrant and  supportive familial atmosphere  to  enhance  and  improve  the  lives  of  all our elderly residents.
     Our goal is to go above and beyond the traditional "board and   care"   concept   and   to create   an   active   and   social environment  where  we   can  engage  the  minds  of  the highly capable  and  creative members of our society. It is our elder population  that  laid  the foundation   and  constructed   the framework   for   our   future   and   it   is   our   pleasure  to acknowledge  their contributions and repay them with the utmost care, attention and respect they deserve.
     Our  goal  consists  of co-created  solutions  that  ensure clients   overcome   inertia,   trigger   their  own  motivation, harness  their  self-accountability,  and  take  small,  gradual steps that lead them to reaching their own physical wellness visions.
     Our goal is to help our clients achieve  the best quality of life possible. We  understand  that  one solution does not fit every situation so we take the time to listen and learn about each client's needs and preferences. This enables us to tailor a care program that maximizes the client's independence and dignity.
      Alta Vista Manor Facility goal is also :
- to  support  the  independence  and dignity of our residents regardless of obstacles.
- to  constantly  ensure the highest level of care, dignity and respect exceeding the expectations of the residents and their families,  that your loved ones deserve.
- to  provide  the  Highest  quality, most  compassionate and caring in-home care available
- to provide to our residents with the highest quality in home like-like environment that  is safe, secure clean and peaceful 7 days a week, 24 hour a day
- to  preserve and  enhance  the  physical,  emotional, social, spiritual and intellectual well-being of our residents.
- ensure  a  sense  of  security  and  freedom  in  a  new and modified environment to our residents.
- help  the loved  ones to re-engage with life, to help to make each day a  meaningful experience using innovative programs to accommodate behaviors.
-to  enrich  the  physical,  social  and spiritual dimensions of residents  live's.
-to  provide  each  resident’s a  care  plan t hat  is  individually designed   to  offer optimum care  while  maintaining   social connection, mental stimulation and physical activity.
           Emphasis    is   placed   on   showing     compassion, understanding, respect and  dignity while  providing  the care that every resident deserves.
         We  welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the industry.