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Testimony  from YELP.  

One day the phone rang and our life changed. In this case, we got the "fall call" that Dad could no longer live in his Carlsbad home. For three years, he had two wonderful companions that cooked and drove him places, but had no medical training. We had to find a new safe place, with medical care (doctor visits) and it had to feel like home. There was no interest in a big institution. We toured several board and care facilities with some that were as small as six residents. We needed to find the right mix of positive attitude, attentive care and family setting. Some were too small. Some had owners that were not there much. Some just didn't feel right - listen to your gut.  

Finally, we found our solution. Alta Vista Manor is a residential care facility for elders run by Anna Wilson and her staff of long term caregivers. The first thing you notice when you drive-up are the palm trees and multiple water fountains - a feeling of resort and luxury. When you enter, it is very clean and bright and you can't help but notice the custom gathering table created by Anna's husband, John. It is large enough to seat all residents and a few guests to enjoy their home cooked meals. Sunlight floods into most rooms and there are private patios from many of the rooms. Staff members are always close by or available by monitor to answer questions or assist residents. Many of the staff  have been at Alta Vista for years. It gives you a sense of security and you know that that everyone there cares about "their people".

Anna is a very hands on manager and knows each resident personally. She treats them like her own family and always has a special birthday celebration for each person. She knows what is going on in their lives and can anticipate issues; both medical and emotional. My father-in-law has been a resident at Alta Vista for over a year now and I feel he is safe and well taken care. This is very important because we live in Chicago -  over 2,000 miles away.

Lake Zurich, IL

Testimony  from YELP.  


Alta Vista Manor is extremely well managed. I have personally witnessed Anna and her staff bend over backwards to meet resident needs. The facility is gorgeous with many upgrades to each of the rooms. The food is always home cooked and the flavor is excellent. The Alta Vista Manor staff adhere to a detailed care plan that the staff follows to ensure your loved one is well cared for. I would definitely recommend this assisted living facility. If you are searching for a trusting, loving home for your loved one, search no more, and call to schedule a tour, you will not be disappointed.

Kailua, HI

Testimony  from YELP.  

We placed our Dad at Alta Vista Manor and have been very happy with the care he receives. Anna, the owner, is great! She is very attentive to his needs. With his declining health because of advanced vascular dementia, everyone has been wonderful. Andre, the manager, has been especially helpful. The rooms are very nice and spacious with fireplaces and big TV's. Also, all the meals are home cooked. It has an overall homelike, cozy feel compared to some of the bigger facilities. We would recommend Alta Vista Manor to anyone looking for elder care.

Nancy Reichel and Barbara Adaire
La Costa, Carlsbad, CA

Testimony  from YELP.  


My grandma moved into Alta Vista Manor about 4 months ago and my grandma, my mom, and I felt so welcome. Ana and John Wilson, administrator and licensee respectively, are the most hospitable and caring people. My grandma has been in other board and care facilities and Alta Vista is the best place we've been in! My mom and I are very involved in my grandma's care and all the staff work with us harmoniously. If you are looking for a safe place for your loved one, I would definitely recommend Alta Vista Manor!

San Diego, CA

Testimony  from YELP.  

I highly recommend this RCFE, well-manned by loving and caring professional caregivers who provide daily assistance to ensure the activities of daily living are met. Management continuously makes improvement to the building and skilled care to benefit current and future residents.

San Diego, CA


Testimony  from YELP.  


I feel so grateful to have found such an amazing place for my uncle!  The facility is beautiful - more like a 5 star resort than a nursing care facility.  The staff are happy and kind.  And the if the food is tastes like it looks and smells, it is delicious!  After looking at many care facilities, I was blown away by Alta Vista.  Anna is wonderful, and obviously sets the standard for those who work there.  I spoke to several residents and a family member, and everyone loves the place.  Most of the residents have been there for years, and show no signs of wanting to be anywhere else.  On the day I came to tour the place (with only a half hour notice to Anna), it was "beauty shop day".  There was a stylist there and several residents were happily chatting while waiting their turn in the stylist's chair.  The room I got for my uncle is absolutely beautiful!  It has a gas fireplace, a huge TV, an automated recliner and sliding glass doors leading out to a private patio area.  There is a very large private bathroom and walk-in closet. And the furnishings are just lovely.  The main areas of the facility are spacious and airy, and there is an large enclosed lanai at the entry area.  Anna's two small dogs are the residents' darlings, and they are very protective of the residents.  If I got too close, one of the dogs let me know that it was not okay.  I can't say enough about this wonderful place and the truly amazing woman who runs it.  It is such a relief to have found someplace like this for my uncle. 
Thank you, Anna!

North Bend, OR

Tuesday, August 26, 2017 5:21 PM

Greetings, John  --
           I've attached a letter that you can use any way you choose. 
        I hope it will help that everybody will understand that there is no better assisted living home than Alta Vista, anywhere in the world!
       I know you've had a difficult year, with  the loss of  your mother and  now your sole responsibility for your dad.  I certainly  hope that there are smoother days  ahead for you!

With hope for many blessings for you,
Dave Michael
Phone: 608/222-3331

  August 26, 2014   
                    David J. Michael * 5326 Queensbridge Rd. * Madison, WI   53714                                                                                                                                                                     
                                                    TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN:  
          I am pleased to draft this letter to  support and  recommend the Alta Vista Manor and its owner/operator, John  Wilson, in Vista, California.                                  
When  my  mother, Lena  Michael  turned 102 years old, my sister, Lois  Michael and  I decided that our mother needed assisted living care. 
       We researched many  assisted living facilities in and around Encinitas, CA, hoping to find one which met our requirements.  After  our  first visit  to Alta Vista Manor, we knew that it was precisely the place where we wanted our mother to reside.                       Everything about the Alta Vista Manor made it a simple and easy decision to place our  mother in  Anna’s care.  The  cleanliness,  the  quality of  food,  the character and kindness  of  staff  providing  personal  care,  the  bright  and  cheerful  ambiance,  the
direct  access to  medical care – each  of  these  requirements  and  many  more of our expectations were met or exceeded by Alta Vista Manor. 
       Before retirement,  I had  served as  the pastor  of three different congregations in various states, making  thousands of visits over  my forty years in ministry to members in dozens of different assisted living and elder care facilities. Not one of those facilities, regardless of size, location, or ownership exceeded  the quality of care provided  by the Alta Vista Manor. 
         In addition to the facilities and staff, the openhearted warmth and caring spirit of Anna herself  convinced us  that  we could  find  no better  setting in which our mother could live out her remaining years.  
         In  the  nearly  two  years  since  our  mother  entered   the  Alta   Vista  Manor, absolutely nothing  has caused  us to reconsider  our  decision to  make this  her  final home.  She has been superbly well cared for, and her happiness in her surroundings is a delight for us to see.   Although  her  body  is  increasingly  feeble, her mind remains essentially clear, and  in the years she has lived at the Alta Vista Manor, she has never complained or expressed any criticism of the care and kindness she has received.  
         In  view of  all I  have written  above,  I  can  affirm and  recommend Alta Vista Manor and its owner, John Wilson  and  his wife, Anna Wilson, without  hesitation  or qualification of any kind.  While I’m personally not  yet ready for any kind of  assisted living, if and when such a time comes, I would be absolutely delighted to move into the Alta Vista Manor and make it my home.  

Most sincerely,    
The Rev. David J. Michael
5326 Queensbridge Rd.
Madison, WI    53714                                                                                              Phone: 608/222-3331` E-mail:              

                                                                                                                                                                                     Please read  a testimony about the bed pressure sores excellent care.

The  Dr. Scott Wycoff tel: 302-239-3787The  Dr. Scott Wycoff tel: 302-239-3787

Dear John 

      The day & I had to choose a home for  my 93 year old Mother was a difficult day.
She was no longer able to care for herself, and was fiercely independent for all  those years.
       My Husband, son & I researched & concluded that a Residential Elderly Care Facility was the best fit for my mother.
       After a long day of visiting 5 Elderly Care Homes within the North inland areas we were very disappointed. Our last visit was to Anna Wilson's.
       Upon meeting John Wilson  & his amazing House Manager André, we each new this was the Home.
       No others came close. Right then & there our search was over. This was truly was a Home.
       I recommended this home to a close friend. Her Mother is now a resident as well.
My friend said her Mother has shown improvement since moving in. She is happier with all the attention. She has her hair & nails done on Thursday's when a stylist & manicurist visits the Residence which is a very uplifting experience for the residents.
      My mother loved to be outside, so André would make her comfortable in the patio under the umbrella and brought lunch out to her on the patio daily.
      Just the extra care & thoughts were done so compassionately & professional.
John Wilson & André took extra care to ease our concerns. Visits were welcoming & comfortable.
      We were updated on any health changes, questions were always answered with grace. With the encouragement of Anna, I visited my Mother with my Poodle just as I had always done when she resided in her own home.
      Alta Vista Manor was a very positive pace, and for me it brought peace.

Thank you André & John Wilson
Love, Camilla, Clint, and Gary McCook
Tel: 858-271-5397

August 20, 2016  
                                                                                                                         Loie Michael (760-500-8154)                                                             1252 Evergreen Drive                                                                                                Cardiff by the Sea, CA 92007
Re:  Alta Vista Manor
           625 Marazon Ln.
           Vista, CA 92081

               Since November 2012, my mother has been a resident of Alta Vista Manor,
She was 102 years old at the time, and as she approaches her 104 birthday, her health and vitality are actually better than when she moved into Alta Vista Manor, (AVM). 
               I feel very strongly that this is in no small part due to the excellent care given by Anna Wilson and her staff.  The personal attention and warmth shown for physical needs, emotional concerns, and social interaction, is never compromised. 
              These caregivers, who have all been AVM employees for many years, are truly loving individuals, each and every one.  I have seen them dealing with very stressful situations, never losing patience, but always showing graciousness towards the individual.   
              The rooms are always clean and the kitchen is immaculate.  Meals are not only healthy, prepared with great attention to balanced nutrition and the needs of the elderly, but they are delicious!!  At AVM, family and friends are always welcome to stay for a meal.  Holidays are celebrated with great festivity and meals are definitely for the extended family, if a resident so wishes.  
               Caregivers are always prompt in dealing with personal hygiene.  They come readily when called, and show extreme care in making sure each individual gets his/her prescribed medications and is able to take them.  Any changes in health appearances, even slight ones, are immediately reported to Anna.
              I am very satisfied with the level of medical care given by Anna.  She has much experience and knowledge and is excellent at discerning whether to call the doctor, paramedics, and/or family.  
             I highly recommend Alta Vista Manor to any family who is looking for the best of care for their loved one.  This is the home that will provide hands-on loving care, as well as  necessary medical (nursing) attention, all given with warmth and affection, as you would yourself.  
             Never do I worry about leaving the area for awhile, because I have no doubts that my mother is in the best of hands, that her needs will all be met, and if any health issue should arise, immediate action will be taken, and I will then be contacted.                 
             Conversely, John Wilson is very accessible and if unable to answer a phone call, she will return it as soon as possible.  
                                                                                      Loie Michael

September 12, 2016.
We had heard many stories about places where you wouldn’t want your mother to
live and researched Alta Vista carefully.
We were able to talk to people who knew Alta Vista by reputation as well as visit the premises in person.
Two years later we (and I include my mom in this) remain very happy with our decision.
In a more structured setting, my mom is actually feeling better and enjoying life more.
Anna sets the example of treating everyone with love and respect.
The staff has this same outlook and follows her lead. I get this same treatment when I visit as well.
My mother’s only complaint is that the food is too good and she has gained weight. 

Ron Crosthwaite
Tel: 208-610-0688

             This is picture a picture of Pat Fike and and her husband at a Christmas party  and above the picture is Pat Fike testimony about the very good care the Alta Vista Manor had provided to her husband.

             The Alta Vista Manor not only are providing one of the best care in San Diego County but also has one the best care givers.
             Please read the testimony and appreciation letter of the Family Kimball about one of the our care giver, Mr. Kayen Benjamin.    
                                                         Andrea Carr Kimball,  Tel: 845-986-7984                    
           (Please check to see that no many Facilities can provide such so wonderful testimonials)