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       On  behalf of everyone at Alta Vista Manor, we welcome you  in  visiting  our  facility  and  we  guaranty that  you  will enjoy your tour,  educate   yourself  on   senior  care  and   learn  what makes us such a special  place to live, better than any place in San Diego.
      Welcome to Alta Vista Manor, a Residential  Care  Facility that is  a   state-of-the-art  architectural designer  home, as five star resort style,   that  provides   luxury,  warmth,  independence ,  security  and  a Family Style atmosphere, with an excellent location called Tri-City, place where Carlsbad, Oceanside and Vista come together. a very easy access just less than  a half a miles fro Freeway I-78, and cross of freeway Tri-City Hospital, Scrips Clinic and other  institutions  medical complex.
    The  purpose  of  this is a unique world-class luxury residential care vacation  resort  style is to eliminate the cultural shock, that the love ones suffer when they have to move out from their home and to leave their home to move in RCFE facility. Moving in Alta Vista Manor is as going in vacation in an extremely nice and luxurious five stars resort, perhaps much nicer than their home.

    Your love ones deserve to have all the comfort of their home, and better -and that is exactly what we  care for.

     Alta Vista Manor presents the advantage to be a  direct owner  operated facility.  Anna Wilson, former RN,  and  John Wilson are owners and administrators,  they manage they provide and coordinate the care when is necessary, to be  sure  that the residents received the best care is possible.  
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      For more than 25 years, Alta  Vista Manor  Facility  has   provided  an outstanding  services  and   amenities  for  continuing  care  in  Southern  California. 
     Our goal is to offer a very nice alternative to your love ones, to live their life with dignity, and respect, despite of the age challenges, to improve the physical, emotional and spiritual wellness, to have the best that their age can offer and that is exactly that we do, every day, at the best. 

        Alta Vista Manor is dedicated to providing the best quality housing, health and support services, for elderly people, that enrich the physical, social and  spiritual dimensions  of  their lives.

    We  will  gladly  provide  care  to  residents  that  are  incontinent, even if  using  a  catheter,  wheelchair  bound,  bed  bound, even if   needing    two  persons   assistance, residents who require oxygen.
     Whether you  need   short-term  recovery  assistance  or long-term care,  please don't  hesitate  in  giving  us  a  call.

      This is the real value of our excellent care that Alta Vista Manor is providing, and that is what our RCFE is about:

"The Best Care provided in San Diego!"

      Where other facilities fail, Alta Vista Manor Succeeds, in better care provided than any other facilities!
Please read "About Us" and "Testimonies!"

 If  you want to offer the Best to your love one, we offer the Best.
 We are inviting you to visit our facility and we guaranty that you will be very pleased.
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