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About Us

                       We have been providing care to seniors for more than 25 years and we understand the particular needs of elder care.

     Alta Vista Manor is a family run facility owned and administrated by John Wilson.

     John Wilson, owner and administrator of the facility, has a nursing an engineering background.

     Anna Wilson, is substitute administrator for the facility, has a nursing background for over 28 years.

We are on the facility site every day and we are directly involved in the every day operation.

    We have found out in more 28 years experience in this business that the best continuous high quality care can be provided the owner run facility where the owner is directly involved in the daily operation.

      As the owners of directly involved owner operated facility we have a better and stronger motivation in providing the best care to our residents.

     We have owned and operated 6 facilities, at one time and we have decided to keep and focus on only one facility, the best facility in order to be able to provide the best care that is possible.

     We have designed and built over five facilities in over 32 years. We understand and know perhaps better than any one the elderly care business, starting from the design, the construction, the operation and the managing of an elderly care facility

        We know all the requirements and the key elements necessary for the buildings to meet to serve the best for the senior care as:

- one level building, with no ramps, no stairs, no elevators, day light hall way, day light private bathroom with windows, with roll in walking showers, private patio at ground level, walk in closets and so on...,

         Alta Vista Manor Facility has all these key feature that make it one of the top of the line facilities, in the elderly care business.

         The care that we provide to our residents is not limited to the traditional assisted care done by the task of daily living.

         By running residential care facilities for more than 32 years we have developed our own style of care based on preventive car.

         John Wilson with a 32 years nursing background, has developed her own care system base on " preventive approach care". Over the years in providing care to the elderly people, John Wilson has developed the skill of recognizing certain illnesses from the earliest stages.

         John Wilson over the years working in the elderly care business has the monitoring skill of the health problems of the residents and especially to identify the early symptoms and stages of different diseases that can jeopardize the life of the resident.

       We are committed to the care of seniors. We understand the many challenges they face, and we are qualified to meet those challenges with our professional ability, integrity and compassion.

       We are also sympathetic with the family members who are struggling to meet the needs of elderly parents and their loved ones.

       We understand that is difficult to assume responsibilities for those who once cared so lovingly for you, and who now make difficult demands on your time and attention.

       We work closely with family members to provide peace of mind and confidence in the quality of care we provide their loved ones.

       We are experienced, dedicated and highly qualified. You may have every confidence in our commitment expertise and service.

       Alta Vista Manor is based on the belief that our customers' needs are of the most importance. Our entire team is committed to meeting those needs. As a result, a high percentage of our business is from repeat customers and referrals.

       We welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the industry.

          Alta Vista Manor, not only is a unique facility by being a state-of-the-art architectural designer home, the nicest facility in San Diego and providing the best care in San Diego but also by promoting and using new technical devices that doesn't exist on the market or in RCFE industry, that has been created and designed by John Wilson and used for the first time in RCFE industry.

1. Hot Water Temperature Control Device ( John Wilson Invention)

The Licensing Department requires that the hot water to be not less than 105 degree F (41 degree C) and not more than 120 degree F (49 degree C)."

This requirement is impossible to be accomplished especially in bigger facilities.

This new Water Temperature Control Device (WTCD) will make that all the residents hot water faucets, to have a constant temperature suggested to: 115 degree F. (45 degree C), regardless of the hot water heater tank temperature setting and regardless of the location of the faucet or distance from the hot water heater tank, regardless of flow, and water pressure and also regardless of how many facets outlets are in used, or dish waters or laundry washers

(WTCD) also offers to have different water temperatures, according to the requirements for laundry, dish washer, a higher hot water temperature than the hot water used by the residents.

2. Virtual Fence Alarm System (John Wilson invention)

This is a back up alarm system in case the resident mange to wander, to pass the alarm doors, or jumping out through the window and so on.

In the moment the resident manage to pass the alarm doors, or jumping out through the window, and in the moment the resident reach the virtual fence, the devise notifies that caregivers that the resident is trying to leave the facility, or wandering.

3. Silent Alarm System (SAS) (John Wilson invention)

This is a special silent alarm system that monitors the doors and the windows in case the residents are trying to get out of the bedrooms during the night time.

In case one of the doors or window are opened the silent alarm system notifies only the care givers in charge during the night time without disturbing the other residents with the annoying loud alarm sound of the existing alarm system that exist on the market.

The Silent Alarm SystemBaseStation is portable and can be carried by the care givers what ever they are going, and it will notifying the care givers also the exact location where the door or the window has been opened.

Other special new features designed by John Wilson and used for the first time RCFE industry and applied in Alta Vista Manor

1. The Front Entrance Gate is equipped with special lock, designed by John Wilson, that can be opened by any body but not by residents with dementia.

Also the gate is designed by John Wilson, to self closing and self locking, in case somebody forget to close the gate.

Also the front gate is equipped with a loud alarm system to notify is somebody coming in or is going out

2. Over 16 kitchen drawers has been equipped with self locking drawers, commercial grade, (not a baby safe lock system) that cannot be opened by dementia residents. Only Alta Vista Manor has this kind of self locks.

3. All the cabinets that contain cleaning supplies, the doors are not only self closing but they self locking by them self in case the care giver forget to close the doors of the cabinets and also forget to lock the doors of the cabinets, in order to prevent the access of the residents with Dementia to the chemicals. (designed by John Wilson)

4. The kitchen has a special swing gate designed by John Wilson, that provides an easy access out from the kitchen for the care givers, and prevent the residents to enter in the kitchen. (designed by John Wilson)

1. The amazing impact that Alta Vista Manor brinks in residents life,

Ms. Marilyn Barding is 87 years old, his health had started to decline from a week ago

Her family had decided to put Ms. Marilyn Barding on hospice.

About the Ms. Marilyn Barding, she is most wonderful person that I ever knew, She was a Hollywood clothing designer for actors. She also brought boxes of collection of catalog of the clothing that she was designing for famous actors. She told us that her parents were designers, also. She told us that she had a wonderful life.

She was a very good friend to John Wayne, they lived together for a while.

She has very sound mind, very sharp mind. She refused to have a heart surgery and dialysis. She decided to die. I have never seen somebody so strong, She has an unbelievable positive attitude. She looked happy, smiling all the time, she was trying no be a burden or to give hard-fillings to anybody. She has two sons. One son, is is living in San Diego. living in San Francisco and other one

She told us that her son was looking for her offer the nicest and best facility in San Diego.

She didn't want to move in any facility. She told us that she even didn't want to see any facility.

Her son told her that she had to see our facility. When she got in the front of our facility she told to her son that she didn't want to see it, and she closed her eyes. Her son told her just open the eyes. She was amazed by how wonderful is our facility. She being a designer, she understood the beautiful design of the facility. She was watching and admired every corner of the facility,

Her son, who works in construction thanked us for the wonderful facility that give him the opportunity to provide the her mother the last wish to live in the most wonderful place, the nicest facility that he ever seen. We talked a lot with Ms. Marilin and with his sons about the history how we created the designed the facility, we have also we have made a tour of the facility presenting the impressive design elements

2. The Best Care in San Diego, save residents life!

Alta Vista Manor has the most excellent experience in providing hospice care for over 29 years, since 1987

Anna Wilson is a nurse (not licensed in California) and she performed an amassing care services and she is providing care services unprecedented in RCFE, the best in San Diego.

Mr. Basilio Osuyos is 92 years old, his health had started to decline from a week on December 23, 2018

Medical history: Heard Failure, Kidney Failure, Mr. Basilio Osuyos should be dead for long time but because of the excellent care provided by Anna Wilson and the Alta Vista Manor caregivers, Mr. Basilio Osuyos is still in life, and he is recovering from his heath decline since we filed the Heath appraisal dated on January 03, 2019.

Anna is taking very good care of Mr. Basilio Osuyos, Anna having a nurse background of over 35 years, is paying very great attention, to all the symptoms and to very early signs of any potential disease, in order to take all measures to prevent the development of any disease.

Any light disease at Mr. Basilio Osuyos, age of 92 can be deadly. Anna being a nurse (not licensed in California) is recognizing the early signs of any disease, and she call the doctors, and because she can speak in medical terms about the symptoms of the potential illness, the doctors knows right away what measure to take and to save the life of the resident.

Also Anna having a nurse background, she knows all the types of medications including the side effects. Anna Being a nurse (not licensed in California) she know very well to monitor

the medications especially the side effects, and she also is suggesting to the doctors to change the medications with the right specific medication that Anna is considering has a better results.

Anna is all the time right in changing the medication with the right one. The doctors for fun are calling Ms. Anna, Doctor Anna.

This is the situation also with Mr. Basilio Osuyos. His health declined very badly, Mr. Basilio Osuyos. was even sent to the hospital, and the doctors said that there is nothing that they can do. Anna had called right away Mr. Basilio Osuyos. family and suggested to put him on hospice because it is easier to treat Mr. Basilio Osuyos. Under Anna Wilson coordination with the hospice nurses and doctors , had managed to recover Mr. Mr. Basilio Osuyos, and Mr. Basilio Osuyos. right now is better than before, healthy, strong, and very happy again and he started singing better than ever!

Mr. Basilio Osuyos now again is very alert, he can walk very little, he likes to use wheel chair,

he likes to sing, is very sociably, likes to keep conversations, likes to read books, he likes jokes, he is very funny, he seams to be happy, he likes to sing, he has a wonderful voice.

This is the real value of our excellent care that Alta Vista Manor is providing, that is what our RCFE is about:

"The Best Care provided in San Diego!"

3. Where other facilities fail, Alta Vista Manor Succeeds, in better care than any other facilities!


3. The Best Care in San Diego, Residents from other facilities are moving in Alta Vista Manor, and they are amazed about the differences.

Alta Vista Manor has the most excellent experience in providing hospice care for over 32 years, since 1987

Anna Wilson is a nurse (not licensed in California) and she performed an amassing care services and she is providing care services unprecedented in RCFE, the best in San Diego.

Alta Vista Manor has a very big experience to take care of hospice residents for over 32 years.

Alta Vista Manor also has a great reputation in to take care of hospice residents with no complaints regarding the hospice care provided since 1987.

The great hospice care provided by Alta Vista Manor has been appreciated by doctors, by Hospice Agencies, and by families that had their parents on Hospice in Alta Vista Manor.

Please read part of the best care testimony and evidence revived by Alta Vista Manor

Please read the full testimony:

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