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Specialized Services.

       Our services also include with no extra charges specialized services such as:

-Help in transferring in and out of bed/turning in bed or chair

-Help with bathing

-Help with dressing, hair care, and personal hygiene

-Does prospective resident desire and is he/she capable of doing own personal laundry and other household tasks

-Help with moving about the facility

-Help with eating (need for adaptive devices or assistance from another person)

-Toileting, including assistance equipment, or assistance of another person

-Special diet/observation of food intake

-Continence, bowel or bladder control, in an assistance devices such as a catheter required

-Help with medication

-Needs special observation/night supervision (due to confusion, forgetfulness, wandering)

-Help in participating in activity programs

-Special medical attention

-Assistance in incidental health and medical care

-Any additional information given to the facility to help the resident to have a enjoyable living situation in the facility.

-Complete and partially furnished rooms, at the resident desire with no extra charge.

-Electric lift recliners

-Electric Hospital bed with remote control

-And more....

       We welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and 
deliver you the best service in the industry.

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