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Social & Recreational Activity

The social and recreational activity serves a major role in our facility by developing, coordinating and administering an effective and comprehensive activities program to enrich the lives of our residents.

We offer a multitude of unique services and amenities that are personalized to each individual.

Daily enrichment activities, planned activities and assisted entertaining, take place in our family home and includes:

 -morning breathing and stretching

-exercises, game,


-language skills,

-pet therapy,playing -friendly game cards,

-singing, music,

-dancing, comic

-entertain time with jokes, magic shoes.

-laughs and fun,

-Smile therapy


-Morning stretch

-Fitness fun

-Garden walk

-Popcorn and a movie

-Scrabble/boggle/word games/trivia.


-social events: Birthday, Mother's Day, Christmas with Chorus, Valentine Chorus, the 4th July, Patrick's Day,

-art classes and other activities to stimulate the body and mind.

-Tea and reminiscences

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