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Food Service:

         Alta Vista Manor provides full-service meals, three times a day and snacks, in a special elegant dinning area setting. The residents can enjoy and delight their taste buds with healthy meal selections ranging from home-style favorites to regional cuisine. Our attentive staff will help ensure a first-rate dining experience each and every time.

        We serve three meals a day and between meals, the meal service that we are providing is well balanced, any times with snacks that meet the residents desire and testes

Breakfast: 8:00 - 8:30 a.m.

Lunch: 12:00 - 12:45 p.m.

Dinner: 4:45 - 5:45 p.m.

The residents may also be served and enjoy their meals in their room or on the outdoor patio overlooking the garden.

Room service meal delivery and visitor meals are also available for no extra fees.

Our daily dining is similar to a normal Thanksgiving, family get-together feast and is attractive and inviting. Our delicious nutritious gourmet cuisine is prepared daily from scratch, using only the finest and freshest wholesome ingredients, and served family style. We prepare a wide variety of tasty cuisine, so each meal is exciting and keeps our residents wanting more. All meals are served in elegantly arranged settings.

     Our residents are served three nutritious meals each and every day, along with two nutritious snacks and extra snacks of any sort at any time at residents request. We also offer specialized meals, special dietary meals for those with medically required diets. We can provide regular, no added salt, limited concentrated sweets, no added fats, and mechanically altered diets based on residents' needs and physician orders.

     We take pride in the quality home-cooked meals we provide.

     Every meal is a fresh cooked meal. Every meal is prepared according the individual needs and tastes of each resident, with particular emphasis on garden-fresh vegetables and an abundance of fresh fruits.


     We run only one 15 bed facility because in our 20 years experience, it is the only size facility that can accommodate and meet the individual food and tastes of each resident. In case any resident may want any particular meal at any time we can meet this requirement right away.

      We try to supply the residents with food that they have eaten throughout their life and we try to meet their particularly habits of eating that they have developed on their life span like, special meals, with special tastes according to their background (American, English, Italian, German, Jewish, Spanish, Irish and so on), traditional season food, specific Holiday Foods

( Thanksgiving Roast Stuffed Turkey, St. Patrick's Corn Beef and cabbage, Christmas Ham and Stuffed Roast Turkey, Hanukkah Stuffed Cabbage Rolls and Matzho Balls Soup, Easter Lams and eggs, Valentine-lots of specifics goodies.) Birthday Food (Happy Birthday cakes and Balloons, and special favor Birthday meal)

      If the resident is late for meal time for any reason, we can provide the meal any time at their request.

      In order to encourage the residents to eat we know how to cook the meal, how to make the food have variety of choices when is served. Further more we ask each resident when the meal is served if they desire something extra.

      Over the years we have found out the extreme importance that the food plays in the residents life.

     Over the years we in providing care to elders we have found out that a well balanced food with protein, vitamins and minerals play a major roll in the well being of the residents and in helping with the treatment of certain disease.

      Over the years we have found that certain key food elements are necessary and play a major roll in helping in the treatment of certain diseases.

      Alta Vista Manor's features make it one of the top of the line facilities, in the elderly care business and a such special place to live.

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